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Dental Implants in Chicago IL


Restore Your Smile.

Let Pilsen Smiles Help You...​

  • Prevent Aging due to Bone Loss

  • Eat and Speak Freely Again

  • Relieve Oral Pain & Discomfort

  • Improve your Appearance

  • Take Advantage of Emerging Dental Technology

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Fill in the Gap

How We Can Support You in Your Current Dental Situation

How many teeth are you missing?

Single Dental Implant Crown

If you're missing a single tooth, a Single Dental Implant Crown is for you. This procedure will ensure optimal functionality and restore your appearance. Most people who require a Single Dental Implant Crown won't need an extensive care routine, making them a viable option against other tooth replacement options. 

Protect Your Smile

The Need for Dental Implants


You may think that losing a few teeth isn't a big deal. However, delaying a Dental Implant Procedure is a recipe for disaster. Tooth Loss over a period of time can cause Jawbone Deterioration and Teeth Movement. This can negatively alter your facial appearance. It can also cause serious infections including abscesses, cavities, and further infection throughout your body. With all of this damage, the costs to fix a delayed implant can be substantial. Protect your health and your smile. Visit us for an immediate solution. 

We understand. Visiting a Dental Office for Surgery can be a fearful process - even for seasoned patients. That's why here at Pilsen Smiles, we value each individual patient visit. Our multiple forms of sedation, including our Oral Conscious options, will assist in making your visit a smooth and relaxing experience. There's no need to delay a procedure that will greatly impact your health. 

Beautiful Smile

Immediate Dental Implants

Do you need an immediate solution?

When you take advantage of emerging and dependable technology, you can enjoy results on the same day! For some of our dental implant options, you'll be able to save up to 3-4 months of healing. Don't wait on a new smile. Contact us to figure out if you're eligible for same-day dental implant restorations. 

It Starts Here.

Your Unique Dental Implant Journey

It all starts with booking an appointment at Pilsen Smiles. Our experienced and highly trained team will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring a comfortable and successful dental implant experience. With the latest techniques and technology, we personalize your care for optimal results. Imagine the confidence and freedom that come with a restored smile!

Pilsen Smiles understands the importance of a pain-free procedure. You can relax in our comfortable care rooms knowing we work tirelessly to make your journey to a new smile as easy as possible.

Don't let missing teeth affect your life any longer. Choose a dependable and experienced provider with a commitment to patient comfort. Choose Pilsen Smiles.

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