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Financial Information


Pilsen Smiles accepts most PPO dental plans.  Please contact us with any questions you may have about your specific insurance and we will gladly answer them for you.  We will explain your insurance to you, determine when your benefits reset, and assist you in maximizing your insurance benefits.

Pilsen Smiles Club

Pilsen Smiles Club is a membership-based dental savings plan that allows our patients to receive the dental care that they deserve at a price that is affordable. It was established to help individuals and families save money on all their dental needs.

Benefits Include:

  • No deductibles

  • No yearly maximums

  • No waiting periods

  • No pre-authorizations needed

  • Discounted Services

  • Preventative cleanings and x-rays are included

  • No limitation on which services you can use your benefits on

  • Big savings

Not an Insurance Plan Pilsen Smiles Club is designed to help you and your family save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your dental bills and to provide access to quality dental care. Regardless of your age, employment, or dental needs you can join TODAY! on all other services such as fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, deep cleanings, and more!
Pilsen Smiles Club is not an insurance plan, but an in-office membership plan that benefits those with limited and no dental coverage. Our membership plan is a great alternative that offers discounted dental treatment and the freedom to take control of your oral health.
*Payment to participate in Pilsen Smiles Club is due at the time of service and enrollment.


Adults Club: $339/year
Kids Club (under 14): $239/year

Membership Includes:


  • 30% off services (e.g. fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, deep cleanings, bridges, implants)

  • 2 regular cleanings

  • 2 check-up exams

  • 1 set of x-rays

  • Kids Club1 fluoride treatment/year for

  • Over $300 savings!


Membership plan restrictions and guidelines:

  • Membership payment is due in full at the time of enrollment

  • Membership plans are valid for 12 MONTHS from the date of enrollment

  • Pilsen Smiles Club.It is the plan holders’ responsibility to take full advantage of the benefits of

  • Refunds will not be given for services that are not rendered

  • Plans are non-transferable and only valid at Pilsen Smiles

  • Payment for other services are due at the time of service

  • Cleanings canceled within 24hr period will be counted towards one

  • No discounts are offered on products sold in the office, whitening services, fluoride

Payment Options

For your convenience we accept payments by cash, Mastercard, Visa, and personal check

Flexible Spending Account

You can also use your flexible spending account to cover any out-of-pocket expenses.


We accept the CreditCare credit card to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance.

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